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Accessories for Sale » [S] 1/4" (non X) and 5/16" Nordlock X Washers

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Active nextTue Feb 04, 2020 1:46 pm

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  • Advertisement title: [S] 1/4" (non X) and 5/16" Nordlock X Washers
  • Price: by agreement GBP
  • Date: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:46 pm

  • Description:

    Approved by JABIRU AU and the UK LAA with hundreds of hours running

    Nordlock X belleville washers for your 5/16" flywheel bolts or "non X" 1/4" bolts (older flywheel and exhaust fasteners)

    All pricing is in UK pounds

    5/16" Nordlock X series (flywheel)

    £5.20 for 6
    £10.40 for 12

    1/4" Nordlock (non x) series (old flywheel/exhaust/other)

    £6.80 for 8
    £9.40 for 12

    Shipping options (uninsured is at your own risk)
    UK £3.00 not insured
    UK £3.90 insured

    World £4.20 not insured
    World £8.40 insured

    This the cheapest delivery service could find (inclusive of materials). I always obtain a certificate of posting.

    Payment ‘as gift’ or add 4%, via paypal to :

    nordlockwashers@gmail.com Please include your name, address, type and quantity ordered.

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