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Aircraft for Sale » [S] Jabiru J-160 G-CFSJ SOLD

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  • Advertisement title: [S] Jabiru J-160 G-CFSJ SOLD
  • Price: 30000 GBP
  • Date: Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:24 am

  • Description:

    After much deliberation I have decided to sell my lovely Jabiru J-160. My wife and I have just retired and we want an aeroplane to tour to our favourite destinations during our new leasure time. Unfortunately, my wife has started learning to fly, and much prefers the PA28 we had before the Jabiru, so we are now hoping to buy a share in a PA28 locally.

    Our J-160 was built by Murray flint, and Gary Cotterell, so the build quality is first class. Murray Flint's paint scheme is still unmarked, and the aircraft looks virually 'as new'. This is no surprise really as the aircraft has only done 105 hours (engine & airframe) from new. The first flight was early in 2010.

    The 85hp, hydraulic lifter engine starts instantly (helped by the Gell battery).and sips 14 litres per hour cruising at a comfortable (2,800 rpm). 100 knots. The wing tanks hold 135 litres. So at this cruise gives an almost unrivalled endurance of 10 hours, and a range in still air of over 1,000 miles!

    The cabin is spacious (wider than a Pa28), and comfortable. The luggage area behind the seats is enormous, and is cleared to carry 36 kg (subject to weight & balance calculations of course). The seats are trimmed in leather, and it has a comprehensively equipped, full width panel. The aircraft is fitted with a cabin heater, and fresh air vents.

    The panel has: Filser ATR500 Radio (not 8.33,as I'm not convinced the new frequencies will be universally adopted)
    Funkwork TRT800 Mode 'S' Transponder
    PS Pm501 Intercom
    Panel fitted Garmin 496 GPS
    Trutrack wing leveller, linked to a solid state artificial horizon.

    Both sides of the 'U' shaped control column are fitted with a push to talk switch, so the aircraft is ideal for training.

    The aircraft registration is G-CFSJ
    The LAA Permit to fly is valid until 5th June 2018.
    The MTOW is 540 kg, and the empty weight is 295 kg. The J-160 uses the same wings and undercarriage as the 4-seat J-400, so is very strong, and understressed.

    I have recently purchased a full set ouf outdoor covers from Sky4Covers, in Devon.These covers really are excellent (the best I have ever seen), and cost £1,800, but will be included in the sale of thee aircraft.

    This really is a superb aeroplane, and would probably provide cheap reliable flying for a careful owner for many years to come. I understand the kit alone would cost in excess of £40,000, and then you would have all the hassle of building it. At my asking price of £30,000 this represents a virtually new, professionally built aircraft at a vast saving.
    The aircraft is based at Halfpenny green in the West Midlands. my telephone number is 01630 620303, or of course you can message me on here.

    NOW SOLD. Thanks for looking.

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