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Jabiru compatible oil filters

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Jabiru compatible oil filters

Postby diablo » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:31 pm

Oil filter RYCO Z386 with the following specifications is recommended by Jabiru :
Length = 3" / 74mm
Diameter = 2.7" / 65mm
Thread = 3/4 x 16 UNF
Bypass valve 8 - 11 psi with anti-drainback valve

List of what others have used or equivalents is:

AC Delco AC022 ans PF1233
Baldwin B33, WIX 51394
Halfords HOF230
Daikuan Max Nippon M0-125
Amsoil SDF-10
Hastings LF410 or 413
Purolator L14476 (or PER4476)
NAPA 1394
Wix 51394, AC
Fram PH4967 or TG4967
K&N 1003
Walmart brand Super Tech 4967
Mobil 1 MO2821A
Baldwin B33
Champion C138 (slightly longer and may not fit with OCA or TOCA)
MANN 610/1

Longer oil filters can also provide enhanced oil cooling so ideal if you do not use a TOCA or OCA
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