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Jabiru Coils / Magnetos

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Jabiru Coils / Magnetos

Postby diablo » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:37 pm

The original grey coils were OEM for Honda small engines GX240, 270, 340, 390
Part number: 30500-ZF6-W02

The later coils are Honda OEM for the same engines and GXV270K1
Part number: 30500-ZF5-003

Honda now supply an updated coil.
Part number: 30500-Z1C-023 (slightly smaller body)

Supplier: http://www.GX160parts.com

Honda supply the coils with just a trailing HT lead so you will need to crimp on a new connector for the distributor cap and re-fit the boot (or carefully remove the old connector and re-use).

After the debacle of trying to use cheap look alike coils (which in the UK were recalled) Jabiru used another brand. Sometime in the 1000 series range of engines, the leads of these coils were made too short. As an interim measure, the leads were extended by Jabiru and it is the jabiru splicing that can fail - not the coil. To see if your ignition coils fall into this category check the leads. If they are not continuous then they are spliced and hence have a weak point. The problem with a failing connection is that it begins intermittently (rather like a cap not being connected fully home), manifests itself at different rpms (vibration levels) only and is difficult to diagnose. Sometimes increased radio interference will be a clue. If you have an old failed coil with a spliced lead, carefully cut into the splice and you will see what I mean.

The other common reason for coil failure is that the gap is incorrectly set and the coil touching the magnets can overheat the coil. Witness marks on the magnests is a good indication of lack of gap.

Otherwise, if the coil and spark plug gaps are correctly set, most coils enjoy a long serviceable life well into the 1000s of hours
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