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Resident LAA inspector tips - Save Cash on parts

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Resident LAA inspector tips - Save Cash on parts

Postby diablo » Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:01 am

Matt, our resident LAA inspector has provided us with this valuable money saving tip.

When buying "O" rings, there is no need to go to an authorized Jabiru agent. By sourcing from directly from other suppliers, you could save a fortune. OEM part numbers for "O" rings can be found in the Jabiru parts manualwhich can be found in the JabiruOwnersGroup documentation area. Here is an example of how to save yourself a pound or two (extract from manual) ...

oring.JPG (28.08 KiB) Viewed 2513 times

There is a Jabiru part number in red and an OEM part number highlighted. From google, search for the OEM part number BS114V ...


And Bob's your uncle, BS114 Nitrile O Ring 0.625" x 0.103" at £0.10p each instead of 0.90p + VAT. "O" rings should fit Jabiru 2200/3300 and CAMIT engines.

If you find this information useful, post a thank you to Matt Dovey !
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