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UL 450 Stall warning issue

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UL 450 Stall warning issue

Postby Muzzlehatch » Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:56 pm

I've had a look on forums and the jab technical help but can't find anything to do with an issue we have.

In stall conditions, low speed or high angle of attack, the stall warning sounds just before stall and then stops when out of the stall, so behaving perfectly as expected. As best as we can tell within the parameters in the manual.

But when going from below 90 knots to above 90 knots either level or in a shallow dive or climb, the stall warning goes off at almost exactly 90 knots. Stick a finger in the horn and it stops, otherwise it just seems to keep going no matter what the speed. It doesn't do it slowing down from above 90 knots to below 90 knots or going from above 90 knots to a faster speed, it's only as you pass through 90 knots with speed increasing. It's very annoying. The plane feels fine and is obviously nowhere near stalling in this situation, so has anyone got any idea what is going on here or how to fix it?
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Re: UL 450 Stall warning issue

Postby Garyo » Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:53 am

Not had this on mine, had to adjust the tab on the wing to get it sounding at the right speed, must be something to do with the tab or an over sensative sqeeker in the horn. I use the ones out of pet toys, got it at the £1 shop, 4 in a bag, works great
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