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J230 Fuselage Damage

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J230 Fuselage Damage

Postby pindan » Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:16 am

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I recently ran my 230 of the runway on landing and did damage to the firewall where the nose wheel attaches and also ripped of the pilot’s side undercarriage leg.

Does anyone have any specs on the construction of the fuselage around the undercarriage leg mounting and details of how the plywood lower section of the firewall is epoxied to the fuselage.

I intend to cut out the lower ply section and replace it with new one which will need to be epoxied back to the fuselage and the remainder of the firewall.

The repair for the undercarriage leg will be a epoxy repair but there is some strengthening within the layers of fiberglass and I do not know how many layers Jabiru use in initial construction.

Thanks Paul
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Re: J230 Fuselage Damage

Postby diablo » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:19 am


sorry to hear about your mishap ... congrats on walking away from it all.

I have a dvd that has the build manuals and guide which may be useful. I would be happy to copy it and send it to you should you want it. I should give you the info that you need. However, it is also wise to get some sort of repair plan from jabiru as they will know what needs to be done to restore the airframe. Additionally, Murray Flint has done many repairs including nose wheel jobs on jabs, he may be able to advise. I know murray as well as Gary cotterell (former owner of ST Aviation). I would be happy to help with contacting him and providing info if required.

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