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Skycraft Warning

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Skycraft Warning

Postby Steevo » Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:02 am

Hi All

I thought I would post this here mainly because I am annoyed and also to warn people to check carefully when dealing with these people.

A couple of months ago, I purchased a Jabiru J160. A nice aircraft with only 100hrs since new and in immaculate condition. The only thing I didn’t like was that I could not turn off the fuel from the wing tanks so working on any of the fuel system forward of the wings was problematic without using loads of fuel clamps. I then found out that some other wet wing Jabs had 2 into 1 fuel taps that enabled the fuel to be turned off. So I started my search for these taps and the only place they came up was with Skycraft. I ordered the taps from Skycraft advertised at £92. Unfortunately Skycraft only had one in stock which I purchased. I then contacted them and they told me they would have to order another one from Jabiru.

They told me I would have to leave a £30 deposit and it could take several weeks. I then asked what the cost would be and was told that they couldn’t say for sure as it was variable depending on exchange rates etc. I agreed to go ahead with the order thinking it would be somewhere close to the one I just purchased.

Several weeks past and then a couple of weeks ago I received a call saying my part had arrived. Total cost £211!!!

After I got up off the floor, I decided I needed it and had not seen it anywhere else so decided to swallow the extortionate price. Plus I would have lost my deposit had I cancelled.

Two days later a small box arrived from Skycraft. I opened it and to my horror it was completely different to the item I ordered. Thinking I had given them the wrong part number, I jumped on the website to check and with a sigh of relief confirmed I had ordered the correct part.

I contacted Skycraft and at first the said their stock records showed they had sent me the correct part. I pointed out that I had ordered the 2 into 1 fuel tap and pointed them to the picture on their website, but what they had sent me was a straight through fuel tap and pointed them on their website to that. A completely different part that could not be interchanged for my needs.

After a while, they came back to me and claimed that Jabiru had sent them an incorrect order and I should send it back and they would get it sorted. I sent the part back costing £7.50 for a tracked and insured delivery.

A couple of days later Skycraft contacted me to say that Jabiru no longer made that fuel tap and they had refunded my card. That was fine and then I asked them how I got my postage refunded. To my surprise, they replied that it was not in their trading terms to refund any postage. I told them that I could understand that if the error had been mine or I had simply returned a part because I had changed my mind, but this was their/Jabiru error and they had even listed this part on their website under the wrong part number and wrong photograph.

The reply I got was unbelievable.

They claim it is not their fault either and said they ordered the part number I gave them and they cannot be held responsible when Jabiru cease making a part and supply an ‘upgraded’ part instead.

This is not an upgraded part, it is completely different and serves a completely different purpose. It is not interchangeable. In fact, they list the fuel tap under a completely different part number on their website.

So as it stands, I have waited several weeks, I still don’t have the part and am now out of pocket on postage costs. Absolutely terrible customer service from Skycraft.

So the moral here is don’t accept anything from Skycraft without a firm price. If anything needs to be sent back then get them to have it collected at their cost. Get them to confirm the part before they actually send it to you.

Better still, don’t use them and contact another Jabiru dealer such as Jabiru Germany that I have since found are substantially cheaper than Skycraft even with the slightly increased postage cost. And much better customer service.
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Re: Skycraft Warning

Postby Garyo » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:52 pm

Now thats a piss take not to get the postage back after the hassle you have been theough.
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