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Easter flying

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Easter flying

Postby Garyo » Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:00 am

Hope most of you got a flight yesterday on the only flying day over easter (UK)
I managed 3 hrs in total, gin clear day 2 up 95 knot cruise @27k rpm 12 ltrs per min
was awsome and the jab was sweet as a nut
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Re: Easter flying

Postby weirdfish » Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:44 am

Yeah only slightly envious :twisted:

It was ok being medically grounded over the winter but it's getting a bit old now :roll:, still, should only be a couple of weeks now.

Glad you got some quality time aloft 8-)
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Re: Easter flying

Postby diablo » Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:25 am

Got an hour. In Gary ...

Loved it!
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Re: Easter flying

Postby Matt » Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:01 pm

Worked all weekend. Still off now for the **** weather. Might have a good day in the week!
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