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Postby diablo » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:08 pm

There is much confusion about the range of propellors supplied with Jabiru aircraft supplied to the UK with 2200 engine . Both the PFA and the CAA were under the impression that while they all had a diameter of 1524mm (60") there were a number of different pitches around. Indeed I think ST Aviation believed this to be true, because we had planned to get the CAA to noise test my aircraft with as many different props as STA could supply, in the hope that one day of testing would suffice for all Jabiru owners.

To add to the confusion, one of Jabiru's subcontractors in Australia has mis-stamped a number of propellers as having a pitch of 1066mm (42") in error for the correct pitch of 1016mm (40").

Due to Kevin Pearce's absence at Oshkosk, I approached Rodney Stiff, Jabiru's Joint MD in Australia, and have received written clarification which I have copied to Steve Arrowsmith at the CAA Noise Testing Section.

The truth is that there is only one specification of propeller supplied in UK kits for the 2200 engine. These are described as Propeller Type: C000242, have two blades, are of wooden construction, and have a diameter of 1524mm (60") and a pitch of 1016mm (40") regardless of what is stamped beneath the propeller spinner.

The CAA noise tested Cloudbase Aviation's Jabiru UL on Wednesday August 4, and it passed with flying colours at some 3-4 dB below the max acceptable level. The dB scale is a log scale so 3-4 dB is an enormous margin - but then we already knew that noise whas not going to be a problem!

The good news is that the CAA now has all it needs to issue a noise certificate for any Jabiru with a 2200 engine and a C000242 prop without further testing. If you need one (all aircraft to be registered as a microlight do) contact Steve Arrowsmith on 01293 573074 or Fax 01293 573977.

When fitting the prop
Stand in front of the prop looking back towards the flywheel. Position the flywheel so that the magnets are vertical. Position the prop so that it is located in the prop guides that give it an 11.00 o'clock position. It should now stop in the horizontal.

GT Propeller for Jabiru
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