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Cylinder Head Torque Settings and Tappets

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Cylinder Head Torque Settings and Tappets

Postby diablo » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:15 pm

Head Torque
It is very important that new engines have their cylinder head bolts checked and tappets adjusted at around five hours, fifteen hours and twenty five hours. This must be undertaken when the engine is cold. You will require a good quality torque wrench that covers the range required.

Head torque for ALL engines is 24ft/lbs. No longer 18ft/lbs for Engines above serial number 22A/436

Gold top engines require the removal of a plug to gain access to one of the head bolts, this must be done and cannot be ignored. When replacing the plug use Loctite 142 or 143 after degreasing.

Pull the engine through and observe both the exhaust valves immediately followed by the inlet valve cycle, when the inlet valve has stopped moving, rotate the prop a further 180°. Both rockers should now be free and can be checked and adjusted. We set out tappets at twelve thou' instead of ten as generally we find a tendency to tighten up, particularly on new engines.
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