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Other Tips and Useful info / changes

Postby diablo » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:18 pm

Crankcase vent oil overflow bottle
The overflow bottle supplied with the Jabiru kit plane is fitted to the firewall with a vent pipe extending out the bottom of the cowling. To prevent a vacuum and siphon action occurring, flock a 1/4" aluminium pipe into a hole drilled into the top of the bottle. Make another hole and pipe fitting in the top and connect a tube to the fuel vacuum pump vent to catch any fuel venting.

Carb. float bowl
Connect a pipe to the vent on the float bowl and take it to a 1/4" aluminium tube flocked into a hole in the top of the Carb air intake filter box. This helps equalize the pressure inside the carb float bowl which can be affected by the pressure changes inside the cowl

Oil-cooler diverter sandwich ring
I noticed oil on the cowling close to the front where the upper and lower cowlings are split and tried to locate the reason. It turns out that the O-Ring betwen the engine block and the oil-cooler diverter sandwich ring had some flat spots and was getting hard. Replacing it solved the problem. I got the rubber 'O' Ring in Naples about 20 min away after some looking in some local stores around here. I change my oil every 20 to 25 hours and replace the filter as well at that time. They are cheap and its good practice.

Oil pickup tube
I received the info from down under about the oil pickup tube. Engines below serial #307 need to be pinned because they could fall off. Apperantly very few have had it happen, but its possible. Also the length of the pickup tube has been lenghtend so that cooler oil from the very bottom of the sump gets picked up. They advised me that there is a new oil pump. Its called a 14mm pump vrs. the 12 mm pump which we have now. I assume thats the depth of the pump blades. Its to give more oil pressure. Also to add two washers to the oil relif valve. If any of this info seems appropriate to any of you, you should contact Jabiru or local rep. and see if your serial #s are effected.

Oil drops
At 105 hours now on my Jabiru SK with the 2200A engine I noticed oil drops on the left firewall and some on the left cowling where the upper and lower cowling meet. An exhaustive search finally found the source.

The paper gasket under the fuel pump on the "Right" side was bad. The oil drops were blown to the other side and that is what made finding this very hard. Anyway bought some gasket paper and with punch and scissors made a gasket. Not a drop of oil seen since. Meanwhile I learned the gasket is available from Subaru car parts departments.
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