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More Special Tools

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More Special Tools

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:07 pm

Originally posted by Andy Hollit


Dremel grinder is a must, get a carbide arbor and 402/426 abrasive wheel. Jigsaw, preferably electronic speed control. Orbital sander with vacuum.

The aircraft can be mounted like a pig on a spit. Go to a place that fits exhaust systems. Buy a piece of steel tube with a right angle bend, to fit through the noseleg bearings and stay it (use flat steel) to the top motor mount holes, so it can't move from side to side.

Fit a length of square steel tube into the U section at the rear of the horizontal stabilizer. Weld half hinges to it so you can pin the tube to the elevator hinges. Weld a round steel tube to the square tube so it projects straight out the back. Stay it up to the rear of the fin with flat steel.

Rest the front and rear shafts projecting out either end of the fuselage on high trestles. You can now roll the aircraft fuselage to any position, even upside down. Two ropes from the wing tabs to ceiling hooks will stabilise.


AN3 max torque 25 inch pounds, AN4 max 66 inch pounds, AN5 138 inch pounds.Wooden prop, torque to 6ftlbs Check torque summer & winter as wood swells with humidity.
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