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Incidence Angles

Information on Jabiru wings.
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Incidence Angles

Postby Admin » Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:44 pm

Originally posted by Bruce Tuncks

When first rigged, my Jabiru needed some adjustment to get the incidence angles exactly the same on each wing. To test this, you remove the flaps and put a straight-edge against the underside, taking care to make it parallel to the fuse centreline. Use a plastic tube filled with water and make one end of the straight-edge level with the water surface at the trailing edge, then record the height from the straightedge to the water surface at the leading edge. Repeat with the same position on the other wing. There should be no difference beyond a couple of mm.Do this at several points along the wings.If there is more difference than say 2mm, the factory can supply bushes drilled off-centre, each bush able to correct 2mm. Swapping bushes consists of heating the fitted one with a soldering iron, quickly putting a high-tensile m6 bolt and nut on tightly and screwing the old bush out. The new bush is ground down to the same thichness, cleaned up and screwed in with thin epoxy-flock.

I found the nuts and bolts on the wing fixings too hard to put in, and there was a risk of damaging the aluminium on the fuselage fittings with the threaded end of the bolts. So I made tapered-end pins out of 2" long bolts (same diameter) and used glider-type safety pins as retainers. The wing lugs are within the parallel part of the pins of course, so there is no change in the strength of the fitting. But rigging and derigging is now easy, with the pins greased before insertion.
This method has been standard glider practice for at least 50 years.
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