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RF Antennas for Beginners

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RF Antennas for Beginners

Postby diablo » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:18 pm

Some people think it is a black magic or some sort of dark art that only a selected few can understand. My view is that it is science and by following a few simple rules, you can communicate clearly with ground stations at great distances.

Here are some useful documents on antennas and theory behind them and build guides.

antenna design.pdf
VHF COM Antenna Design
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 265 times

VOR Antenna Design.pdf
VHF VOR antenna design
(853.14 KiB) Downloaded 204 times

antenna info 1.pdf
Antenna Info (1 of 2)
(585.49 KiB) Downloaded 250 times

antenna info 2.pdf
Antenna Info (2 of 2)
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 559 times

UL Antenna for COM.pdf
Make your own High Performance VHF antenna
(1.4 MiB) Downloaded 438 times
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