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Camit 40 Amps alternator

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Camit 40 Amps alternator

Postby Kai Lyche » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:08 am


I had a posting under documentation a short while back- the reason is that the Camit generator on my 22A ceased to charge properly.

During under the cowling DI it was found that the M14x1,5 nut keeping the drive pulley secured to the alternator shaft was missing. Also, the drive belt was severely worn while the pulley itself had som external dents from contacting the running engine, as well as a much deformed bore in the hub. The alternator with the pulley attached was supplied as a unit from Camit- tt with this mod on my engine is apprx 110 (totally issue free) hrs.

Close examination of the rear face of the (fairly soft) aluminium pulley boss, revealed that it had slowly embedded into the steel front face on the collar of the alternator shaft, gradually causing the joint to loose pretension. The collar has a comparatively small diameter, which over time crushes the contacting face of the softer pulley hub: loss of joint pretension is the result, and the joint fails.

Those of you who are running your engine with this Camit mod, might want to check on this periodically.

Rectification of the issue is fairly simple: either replace the aluminium pulley with a corresponding one made out of steel, or put the existing alu pulley in a lathe and shave some 2mm off the hub rear face. To make up for this, install a close fitting (shaft diameter ø15mm, pulley hub diameter some ø28mm ) t=2mm hard flat washer between alternator shaft collar and hub rear face. I elected to do the latter- everything still seems to stay in place after a few hours.


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Re: Camit 40 Amps alternator

Postby diablo » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:17 pm

That is good to know Kai.

The main issue with the CAMit alternator is that it spins in the clockwise so nut holding pulley is constantly subjected to a loosening off momentum (at start up and shutdown especially). On the 450SPL I jointly own, we have a CAMit alternator which recently went Tango Oscar. A local auto electrical shop repaired it on the in an hour. Total cost to replace rectifier and regulator was £35.00. They also removed the pulley and locked it in place using Loctite 620.

Your mod seems well worth investigating. It would be helpful if you could post images of what happened with some explanatory notes as I (and many others on the forum) could well benefit from your input and as the old saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words.

We kind of feel that we have been left out in the cold as there is no information in CAMit alternator or alternatives anywhere.
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