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Carb couplings for 2200A

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Carb couplings for 2200A

Postby LSAGuy 104 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:12 am

I posted this on a carb coupling thread in spare parts but I'd like to post it again under its own heading.

My friend, Al, just bought a Zenith 701 with a Jabiru 2200A engine. Logbooks show that the engine installation was done my Jabiru USA. Very low time, under 400 hours on the airframe and less than 80 on the engine (airplane originally had a C85 before the Jab). Engine was running badly, I found a few rotted o-rings in the carb, got it running well enough to move the airplane to its new home then pulled the carb for a complete overhaul. Once back on the airplane it won't idle with the starting carb off. Found a split in the carb coupling. Ordered a new one from JBM and when I put it on the carb if fit correctly, a good pop with the palm of my hand to get the sealing ring over the carb neck and into the groove. Fitting it on the intake manifold was so loose it went right on (without carb) and fell right off! The coupler is marked "Carb" on one side and unless that translates to intake in Polish, the coupler was put on correctly. I've bought more than a few couplers from JBM over the years for Rotax engines and my HKS and I've never had one that fit so poorly.
My question is; Are there different size couplings for the 2200 and 3300? I just can't explain the bad fit.
Thanks folks,

Rick Girard
LSAGuy 104
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