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Safety Precautions

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Safety Precautions

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:55 pm

Originally posted by Andy Silvester

Epoxy Resins: This seems pretty obvious, but I think everyone I've known who is 'building' has suffered skin irritation at some time or other (some much worse than others), so get some thin rubber - gloves and WEAR THEM when you are working with epoxy resin. I went thro' a few pairs of washing - up gloves but I've heard that, if you can get them, disposable surgical gloves are better. Gloves get very messy, so to be able to throw them away rather than try to clean them with thinners is preferred! The epoxy hardener also gives off fumes, so if you are working in a reasonably confined space, wear your dust or paint mask too.
GRP dust: It's likely when you're shaping / gluing / finishing GRP parts that (unless you vacuum - up after every operation) that the air will contain very small glass particles which if breathed - in, are dangerous to the respiratory system. In fact, the particle size can be about the same as asbestos and you know what that means! So, if you don't want to spend time recovering from a '40 - a - day cough' (or worse), WEAR AT LEAST A DISPOSABLE PAPER MASK, and use your vacuum cleaner to clean - up frequently.

Paint (primer & top coat): Pretty obvious, but try to get as good a fume / particle mask as you can reasonably afford, Vic and I used ones with dual carbon filters (for the paint fumes) with disposable outer filters (for the paint mist itself) made by 3M and costing about £40 each. A good mask (like these) will mean that you can't even smell the paint thro' it while spraying.

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