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Postby Admin » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:46 pm

Originally posted by Andy Hollit


Bog; Polyester automotive bog doesn't stick well to either polyester or epoxy and in time it shrinks. It's also relatively heavy, so use epoxy bog.

Poly Fibre filler is excellent, always the right consistancy or mix your own. I found West Systems epoxy 105 with 206 slow hardner was readily obtainable from boat shops. Mix in Qcell (Microballoons) so it's real thick and goop it on.

I used a digital humidity measuring device, (available from electonic hobby shops), syringes from the chemist to transfer epoxy to plastic beer cups (from the supermarket), weighed on a balance as per the constructors manual, mixed and applied with tongue depressors (from the chemist).

Sikaflex is a wonderful adhesive with many uses around the Jabiru; after all they use it to glue buses together! It is a polyurethane sealant adhesive which bonds but never hardens and never lets go. To get it apart, the trick is to use detergent on the knife blade. Unfortunately, once opened the whole cartridge goes off very quickly, keeping it in the fridge helps.
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