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Nose Leg Assembly

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Nose Leg Assembly

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:50 pm

Originally posted by Vic Leggott

When assembling the nose leg, substitute the suspension rubbers with an approx. 4-inch length of 1-inch dia. aluminum tube. It is much easier to fit the suspension rubber stack after the engine is installed. With the front wheel chocked use the weight of the engine and a bit more to compress the rubbers before fitting the top retaining collar and bolt. Kits are now supplied with a one piece pre assembled yellow polypropylene stack with one black rubber on the top. It may be necessary to put an extra rubber in the front suspension rubber spacer set. The rubbers can vary in density so you might have a squashy set making the suspension too soft. You should have a couple of spare rubbers used in packaging the engine! See above (new part).

The above mainly applies to early planes. With the new yellow rubbers and especially the Red nose leg rubbers eg J160/J400 etc. You will need to compress the rubbers off the plane using long levers.
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