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Factory Black Felt Pen Markings

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Factory Black Felt Pen Markings

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:54 pm

Originally posted by Derek Alan and Vic Leggott

Factory black felt pen markings

While building the fuselage I was very suspicious of factory marked holes and cut outs,checking them meticulously, and even then cutting undersize. As the fuselage got to completion I began to have much more faith in factory markings. THIS WAS A MISTAKE when starting on the second wing, I turned it upside down on the bench cut out the inspection hole and immediately drilled the 38 mm hole marked in black felt pen.

Guess what! It was on the outboard of the inspection hole but never the less very clearly marked. Allright perhaps due to the accuracy of all the other marks I had grown complacent, but it was such an easy mistake to make.

(As above) I too have found markings to be in the wrong place - i.e aileron cable hole in wing top surface - 1/2" too far outboard also 1/2" too far inboard!
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