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Undercarriage Aluminium Saddles

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Undercarriage Aluminium Saddles

Postby Admin » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:45 pm

Originally posted by Andy Silvester

Undercarriage aluminium saddles -

I found the fit of the aluminium saddles to the legs was poor; the edges just dug in and there was not much more than 'point' contact. To improve matters, I filed the square internal edges off the saddles (don't take too much off!) and then bedded both saddles in with 5-minute epoxy and flock - between the saddle and the leg. I tightened the bolts, but left them about a turn short of fully tight, then tightened up fully after a few hours. This is one of the unsatisfactory elements of the kit's (otherwise good) design, and I believe Jabiru should instruct builders to use this method to spread the load of the retaining saddles to the underside of the legs. I'm sure that now the legs will remain tighter for longer.
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