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EGT values for 3300 engines

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EGT values for 3300 engines

Postby Bil438 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:17 pm

Would a few of you guys post your EGT's for J3300 engines? I don't have 6 probes and need to decide which pots are likely the hottest
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Re: EGT values for 3300 engines

Postby PKnight » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:40 pm

Hope the figures below help. I have usually found that the middle two cylinders No3 and No4 are about 10 deg cooler.

Note the high EGT reading on No 2. This was caused by placing the sensor too close to the edge of the tube

Performance figures as at 1151 hours.

In cruise
RPM 2850
Oil Pressure 210 KPa
Oil Temperature 90 deg

Cyl No 1 Cyl No 2 Cyl No 5 Cyl No 6
CHT 146 deg 106 deg 140 deg 111 deg
EGT 683 deg 750 deg* 680 deg 660 deg

At idle
RPM 850
Oil Pressure 90 KPa
Oil Temperature 85 deg

Maximum Static RPM 2850

OAT 16.8 deg

Spats on for this test
Measured at Gallery. Add 100 KPa for corresponding pressure

• EGT dropped to 698 deg when probe repositioned to centre of Exhaust tube.
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